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converting your friends to your fandoms like


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Got my cat a bed for Christmas


Got my cat a bed for Christmas

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i think it’s funny how christianity made a big deal about mary being impregnanted by god and everyone was like “oh my god the son of god! we must worship him listen to his great wisdom.” 

meanwhile, if you said god knocked you up on ancient greece they’d just be like “yeah, me too.”

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These Pottermore stats literally go against every house stereotype ever


These Pottermore stats literally go against every house stereotype ever

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live everyday like you’re in an anime opening

are we talking “shingeki no kyojin” anime or “ouran high school host club” anime because there is a slight difference

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my mom is telling me “get a good job” but my heart is telling me “marry rich”

This way of thinking really needs to stop. Women can supports themselves just as much as men can now. And it’s not okay for men to “marry rich,” so why is it okay for women to do it?

greetings friend i am boy

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the teenagers int his episode look literally 1000000% more like teenagers than any of the teenagers in modern day regular teen wolf what is this 

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i’m sorry but there will never be a funnier scene in this show to me

Nothing says “I don’t care if you used a condom, you still fucked my daugther and that was your biggest mistake” than sharpening a phalic object till it’s just an inch long

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