I still have a hard time grasping the fact that 





are voiced by the same woman

does that mean that in the snk dub hanji will be voiced by vic mignogna because

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“Hey, Bones.”

“Hello, Jim. What do you want?”

“Got time for a question?”


“What’s the quickest way to a Vulcan’s heart?”

“A sharp object between the eighth and ninth costals on the left side.”

“Right. Thanks, Bones.”


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Mitt Romney was relaxing in his beanbag chair full of $100 dollar bills when his running mate and BFF Paul Ryan walked into the room

“Hey R-Money, wanna hear a hilarious joke?” Paul Ryan asked, as he plopped down in Mitt Romney’s second beanbag chair, which was full of $50 dollar bills

“Sure thing, best bro!” Mitt Romney answered eagerly, awaiting the vice presidential nominee’s outburst of brilliant and wholly American wit

“What do you call that useless piece of skin around the vagina?” Paul begins

Mitt Romney grins in anticipation for the punchline. It’s gonna be a good one

“A woman!” Paul finishes

Mitt Romney erupts with laughter. He laughs so hard that tears roll down his incredibly small face to his chin, which must be at least a foot away from his bottom lip

“It’s funny because it’s true and it’s also part of my presidential policy” He says, in between fits of giggles

The two Republicans have themselves a good chuckle over this. They make eye contact as the laughter begins to die down, and they hold the gaze for a long time after it stops

A very long time

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Keeping it classy, one burrito at a time.

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Because they often can’t reach it

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for valentine’s day, stiles gives them all cards with hand-drawn wolves on the front and ♥ FUR-EVER FRIENDS ♥ written underneath them and then get it, because you’re all wereteens on the inside

except on jackson’s he just draws a lizard and writes ‘better luck next time’

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Teen Wolf: Disney Crack Edition

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Korra: Congrats on being a pro-bender again Tahno.
Tahno: Can I pro-bend you over the back of my couch in gratitude
Korra: what
Tahno: what
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