i’m sorry i feel like i haven’t been on tumblr much lately and now i’m here just angrily reblogging himym hahahaha

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senior prank: smash the patriarchy

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alright i’m done i’m going to bed good night

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Xgoodbye forever teen wolf Xpersonal

slow down nerd i’ve got another three hours until pi day

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ughhhh i’m going to have AP exams tHREE DAYS IN A ROW

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Xcalc bc lit stats Xand then gov and econ tues and thurs of the second week XGROSS Xpersonal

problem with dst: now it gets darker later so i don’t feel the “oh crap i should do homework” until later

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Xi dunno Xthinking about roleplaying and things Xpersonal

whenever someone with relationship troubles says that they “should just become asexual” i’m just like i think you’re misunderstanding the fundamentals of asexuality

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XI'm saying this bc it happened in a fic but i've heard it elsewhere a few times Xit's A LITTLE frustrating Xsorry Xpersonal

Fanfiction is such a blessing I’m so thankful for all these people who write such wonderful stories for fun and share them with everyone for free just wow thank you so much you make my life so much better

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Xi always forget i do this too ofc Xit's weird to think people actually read and like my fic haha Xi'm too busy being in awe of other writers Xpersonal