it may seem like all i care about is haikyuu, but i’m here to tell you that you

are absolutely right

give me more volleyballs

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Xsorry i'm volleyball trash Xpersonal

help i beat bioshock infinite and i’m dead inside

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new sidebar bc i’m volleyball trash and kagehina will be the death of me

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5000 (ok more like 30) cosplay pics from AX under the cut!!

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Xthis isn't even all the pics we took Xso many Xpersonal

i’m so sorry i’ve turned into volleyball trash i have no idea how this happened to me

posted 3 weeks ago @ 29 Jun 2014

i made a new twitter because i just complain all the time on my other one so ya follow me maybe

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new icon

this douchecanoe totally grew on me haha i cant believe it

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idk how but i gained followers rather than lost followers while i was on hiatus

well maybe i lost some too i don’t keep track of these things i just got emails for new followers

anyway technically i’m not supposed to be back for another week bUT

#yolo am i right

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i’m sorry i feel like i haven’t been on tumblr much lately and now i’m here just angrily reblogging himym hahahaha

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senior prank: smash the patriarchy

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