okay but i’m still thinking about that free! post and that could also be the real reason sousuke decided to spend his last year of high school swimming on his own terms or w/e, not because he was scouted and also maybe why he had a change of heart about the relay and wtf i seriously dID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS

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Xno Xpersonal

it may seem like all i care about is haikyuu, but i’m here to tell you that you

are absolutely right

give me more volleyballs

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Xsorry i'm volleyball trash Xpersonal

help i beat bioshock infinite and i’m dead inside

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new sidebar bc i’m volleyball trash and kagehina will be the death of me

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5000 (ok more like 30) cosplay pics from AX under the cut!!

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Xthis isn't even all the pics we took Xso many Xpersonal

i’m so sorry i’ve turned into volleyball trash i have no idea how this happened to me

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i made a new twitter because i just complain all the time on my other one so ya follow me maybe

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new icon

this douchecanoe totally grew on me haha i cant believe it

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idk how but i gained followers rather than lost followers while i was on hiatus

well maybe i lost some too i don’t keep track of these things i just got emails for new followers

anyway technically i’m not supposed to be back for another week bUT

#yolo am i right

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i’m sorry i feel like i haven’t been on tumblr much lately and now i’m here just angrily reblogging himym hahahaha

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