Of course I’d become obsessed with the ship that has like 0 fan art and -2 fanfiction.

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the ships that i end up investing myself the most in are the ones where at first im like, “meh i guess i can see that” and then somewhere along the line my brain just fucking snaps and i cant control myself its like a demons possessed me and im going 900mph to hell

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ok but ask yourself this about your otp

  • which one hogs the blanket
  • which one cuts the other’s hair
  • which one makes coffee for the other every morning
  • which one picks up the pizza
  • which one likes their music on full volume
  • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed
  • which one is ticklish
  • which one sings and which one plays the music
  • which one proposes
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Important OTP question: which one sends cute good-morning texts and which one replies to them angrily because ‘it’s not even seven yet fuck off’?

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every song is a ship song if you’re in too deep

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consider the following aus

  • "we wore matching halloween costumes to this party" au
  • "we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled" au
  • "tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can u help me out" au
  • "we’re the only ones on campus who didn’t go home for christmas" au
  • "we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories" au
  • "accidentally fell in your lap while standing on this crowded bus" au
  • "can u help me sneak my cat into my dorm" au
  • "accidentally got assigned the same library study room so I guess we’ll have to share for the semester" au
  • "It’s raining and u forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus" au
  • "I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is" au
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Okay but imagine person A of your otp picking up sleepy person B and carrying them to bed and person B just snuggles their face into person A’s shoulder you know on second thought don’t imagine that

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  • Them resting together and talking to each other before falling asleep.  Bonus if one half gets the other to run their hand through their hair and down their back.
  • Forehead touching.
  • Stroking one’s head in that way where their hand lingers on their cheek or jaw, and giving them a soft smile.  
  • Slow, shy kissing that eventually just ends up being really calming and nice to both of them.
  • One person doing or talking about something they enjoy greatly whereas their partner just stares at them with a small smile and slight laugh because wow what a cutie their partner is.
  • Hugs around the waist from behind and nuzzling their neck while talking as casually as ever.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Playful arguing that leads to playful, harmless elbows shoving into their sides while they laugh at each other and themselves.
  • Gazing up at the night sky while laying down on theirs and pointing out different stars and holding hands and shifting closer to one another.
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you’re safe as long as you don’t imagine your otp slow dancing to ‘the way you look tonight’ in their pjs in the kitchen of their new house at 3am with their heads resting on each other’s shoulders if you do imagine that then you’re ruined im sorry

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