important ship tropes:

  • fake dating
  • SECRET dating
  • being locked in a room or trapped in a small space
  • finishing each other’s sentences, KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER IS ABOUT TO SAY
  • tou chi NG!!!! FOr eheA DS!!!!!!11!!
  • wearing each other’s clothes
  • doing that thing where they accidentally get real close and, like, stare meaningfully at each other for a few seconds too long
  • channeling the inner romcom and having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE
  • fucking. Now or Never Kiss
  • defending each other to scathing tertiary or otherwise minor characters but ONLY WHEN THE OTHER ISN’T AROUND
  • reincarnation or time loop or OOOOH TIME TRAVEL SCENARIOS
  • dramatically saving each other from certain death or barely surviving something that almost makes the other break down and just smirking wearily and mumbling flippant smartass remarks to HIDE THE DEPTH OF THEIR FEELINGS
  • undercover as lovers, the classic
  • ALMOST KISSING. like getting so close that they start to close their eyes and hold their breath and then SOMETHING HAPPENS and they jump apart, that is MORE VALUABLE THAN ANY ACTUAL KISSING
  • casually sitting on each other’s laps during ensemble cast conversations or scenes
  • did i mention F AKE DATinG


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  • ur otp + hair ruffling (●´∀`●)
  • ur otp + butterfly kisses (✿◠‿◠)
  • ur otp + nose bumps (◡‿◡✿)
  • ur otp + cuddling in a blanket (◕‿◕✿)
  • ur otp + forehead kisses  (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
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best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is what otps are made of

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is there really anything worst than having a notp becoming canon

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*knocks on your door*

Hello. I’ve heard you’ve been invalidating a male character’s past straight relationships in order to make your slash ship sale. 

Could I interest you on the subject of bisexuality.

It’s free! It’s friendly! It’s perfectly workable with canon! It stops misogynistic fic tropes in order to slash ship in it’s tracks.

Invest in bisexuality today!

Bonus: Buy today and receive a free addition of pansexuality for no extra fee!

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yes but consider ur fav ship 

  • making rly bad jokes rly at night and full on snort laughing w/ each other
  • 1 of them cooking dinner but its shit and the other totally taking the piss 
  • finding the song that’s /their song/ but its a rly bad song but they get emotional when it plays
  • T A K I N G S E L F I E S
  • borrowing each others clothes but they’re both different sizes (1 PRSN IN BAGGY TSHIRTS AND THE OTHR IN RLY TIGHT TROUSERS THAT DONT RLY BUTTON UP)
  • going 2 see a movie but it’s shit and they shout at the screen and all the othr ppl in the cinema tell them to fuck off 
  • saving up and going 2 a fancy place for dinner but they cant pronounce the names of some of the dishes on the menu and its cute
  • TRYING 2 BE REAL GROWN UPS WHO R RESPONSIBLE but they still eat kids cereal and  get up early 2 watch cartoons 
  • having like week long arguments about rly silly shit like who would be a bettr astronaut or who would win in a fight between a dragon and a griffin 
  • generally being weird nerds 
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*nervous laughter*


*nervous laughter*

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one of my favorite things about the rivals-to-lovers trope is when one of them, at the beginning of their relationship, grumbles about how much they hate the other person’s awful face and i sort of cackle to myself like, oh man. you’re going to have it so bad. it’s going to be so great. you are going to love the CRAP out of that awful face. you’ll be composing delicious, pining, sappy sonnets about it. i love it. 

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best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is what otps are made of

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pining is 100000% the most important aspect of pre-relationship fic for me. good-natured whole-hearted pining filled with lovelorn gazing and chest aching and fluttering touches, that’s my top priority. i was put on this earth to watch characters suffer over the profundity of their love for another person. unrequited love is why god made me. characters finding out that their feelings are reciprocated after long months/years of suffering is why the universe was assembled from nothingness. amen.

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