Really honestly this wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to tell you guys about On Fire, and then JESUS FUCK I REALIZED ON FIRE WAS STEREK FANFICTION.

And I mean, I heard there was awesome Stiles/Derek subtext but I didn’t think it was going to be THE ENTIRE BOOK.

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There will be many Alphas, other Alphas; each one you kill will bring another. There will be blood on your hands forever. This one, today; another one, tomorrow.

And on the Wolf Moon…legions

(page. 28, On Fire)

So yeah remember how there was that third thing that was a spoiler but was referenced in the book?

I think I found it. It’s the Alpha Pack. 

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'No!' Derek yelled, swinging at Stiles.

And to Stiles’s amazement, he ducked in time. And then he pushed Derek, hard. Derek staggered backward against a couple of the boulders. They gave way, and they and Derek fell over the cliff.

‘Oh, my God!’ Stiles shouted.

Derek landed hard on his back and went limp. The boulders just missed hitting him, and he was so winded he didn’t even move out of their way. He was still in human form, and his head was dangerously close to an outcropping of blazing tree branches. So many times, Stiles had wished for Derek to up and die. But he hadn’t meant for him to really die.

Except that he had meant for him to really die. Just maybe not in pain, and not in front of Stiles.

» Teen Wolf: On Fire  
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In On Fire they mention that the Hales are descended from La Bête du Gévaudan, and I’m actually really interested in that. We already know that the Argents are descended from the hunter that killed La Bête, and Kate actually mentions in the book that the pendant she gave Allison is supposed to depict La Bête, specifically, not just any wolf. I always thought the pendant was remarkably non-violent. It doesn’t show an arrow or an archer or an animal wounded and broken. 

I wonder if it was a prize taken by the hunter who killed La Bête? If before that, it belonged to the wolves?

And I’m really interested in the parallel being drawn now that Allison is hunting Derek. It’s not just a history of hunters and werewolves standing behind and between them, it’s a feud between their families, specifically, making them the latest in a long line of people who’ve been striking at each other any way they can. 

It’s got a very all of this has happened before and it will all happen again vibe to it, and I’m kind of a sucker for stories about people fighting destiny. 

I also want to know when the Argents started putting women in charge of the family. Was that in place before the confrontation with La Bête? Was the confrontation with La Bête the reason it was needed? The books say that the hunter’s family were among the first of the victims, but history is generally written by the winners, and I have to wonder if it was another Peter Hale situation where the murders everyone noticed were retribution for the murders no one cared about. 

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I ended up writing an essay about Derek and Stiles relationship now with “On Fire”. Not only the development, but the meaning and importance of the scenes for the show.

If you haven’t read “On Fire”, I recommend it for reading, but regardless you’ll still understand this post. 

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I planned to do this from like forever back, but I just actually ‘completely’ read the book. Nancy Holder told me Jeff Davis told her three things. There would be Hunters this season, Lydia would be immune, and one other thing that she couldn’t tell me. The thing is - if Jeff told her that third thing, it means that she had to use it as a guideline in her book, which means that somewhere in this book is a clue about the rest of this season. Considering that as I’m writing this nine or so hours before the tenth episodes premieres, I might not even catch it - and we might be given this third thing, but I’ll do it anyway - and by it I mean, attempting to breakdown this book and it’s intricacies. 

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Derek had had it. He grabbed Stiles by the front of his sweatshirt and slammed him against a tree trunk. Stiles grunted hard, and Derek got into his face. 

“I don’t know why I don’t just kill you,” Derek said, letting his enhanced vision take over so that Stiles would see his eyes.

“And I sincerely hope you’ll keep asking yourself the big questions,” Stiles said. “Seriously man, I’m not the enemy, okay?”

— On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel
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“No,” Stiles said, “Scott’s my best friend and you’re not telling me everything.”

I had a nightmare, Derek thought, and huffed to himself. There was no way he was telling Stiles that. Werewolves didn’t share information with humans, ever.

— On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel
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Glancing to the left, he saw a little boy and a couple walking out of the hospital.  He detected the odor of sickness.  It was coming from the woman.  The man and the boy were walking slowly on purpose, to keep pace with her.

“So what does it mean?” the boy asked.  Derek could hear him perfectly.  “Does it mean she’s all better?”

“Yes,” said the man, but Derek detected the quaver of a lie in his voice.

“’Remission’ means that there’s no evidence of new disease,” the woman said.

The boy was quiet for a moment.  Then he said, “How’s that different from ‘all better’?”

The added smell of distress rolled of the woman.  Derek knew she was the wife, the mother, and that she was afraid.  She didn’t want to upset the boy with the truth.

That she was probably dying.

“It’s not different,” she said finally.  She took the little boy’s hand.  Most boy’s his age would protest and refuse to hold hands with a parent, but this one clung tightly.  All three of them were frightened, but they were drawing a little comfort from each other.  Some.  But not enough.

A car alarm chirruped as it was disabled.  The man went to the passenger side of a Toyota and opened the door.  He held out his arm to the woman.

“After you, Mrs. Stilinski,” he said.

“Thank you, Deputy Stilinski,” she replied.  She gripped his forearm as she cautiously bent her knees and sat on the seat.

The boy thrust open the backseat door and sat behind her.  Derek watched as he straightened his fingers as if to touch her hair, then pulled them back and made two fists in his lap.  His foot beat out a staccato against the floor, a nervous tic.  The boy was a bundle of nerves, just like him.

The man got behind the wheel and the little family drove off.  The stench of sickness lingered in the air.

-On Fire, 197-198

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I just read On Fire over, and this time I focused more on the details. There was A LOT of things that suddenly make sense, and so I guess I’ll just go out and talk about them. I’ll start with the ‘age consent’ thing and why that doesn’t matter. 

“Don’t look so insulted,” she said. “You’re sixteen, Derek. In our world…matable.” [Laura Hale, p.140]

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